During additional Buyer viewings of your home

I sometimes think that Buyers secretly want to come back to your home to ask you those kiss of death questions. As a home Seller, you might also experience, right after the Real Estate purchase contract has been signed, that the new, excited Buyers want to bring their other family members by your home to show them and they may also want to get started in completing some measurements of areas within your home for them to be able to plan how their furniture is going to fit or for any changes that they plan on making to your home.

If you weren’t present when they initially viewed your home and they weren’t able to ask you about the neighbors, this will be the perfect time for them to ask you about the neighbors. Your idea of a good neighbor may be entirely different than their idea of a good neighbor. That one neighbor of yours that’s a Gladys Kravitz type never really bothered you too much, as you welcomed the company when she seemed to show up a lot on your doorstep. However, the new Buyers are very private people and they tend to keep to themselves and therefore, will likely not be too fond of someone always bouncing over to visit.

This is also a time they’d like to find out more about why you’re moving, as I discussed above, in case they didn’t run into you during the initial showing. They could use the knowledge they just gained from you to help in instituting a price reduction by blaming an inspection (discussed below) result as the reason. It really wasn’t the inspection that concerned them, but because they knew your particulars they assume you’ll do almost anything to get your home sold so why not ask for the Seller to chip in towards making a particular repair. We all know there are likely a hundred little things that come up on an inspection, so there’s got to be something that they can get you to pay for.

You can certainly allow the additional showings after your home has gone under contract, but as discussed above regarding home showings, the same holds true here – get out of your home! Let your Realtor and the Buyer’s Agent resolve any additional home showings.

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