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About Tudor Times

Tudor Times was created in 2016 to serve the people as an independent alternative voice for original, relevant, buzzworthy news. We employ a wide variety of writers covering topics you care about.

Tudor Times publishes original content covering a variety of topics including tech, business, money, business, lifestyle, politics, entertainment and more.

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Our Authors

joseph a karns

Joseph A Karns
Author and Managing Editor

Joe is a thought-provoking author and serial entrepreneur leveraging over 12 years of experience publishing and editing today’s leading news. In joining the Tudor Times team of professional visionaries, Joe specializes in authoring articles and is also the managing editor at Tudor Times. Joe takes great pride in being a part of an exceptional team helping promote today’s most buzzworthy news. In his free time Joe enjoys being outdoors, boating, and traveling. Joe is an avid consumer of technology news and loves the newest gadgets.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

mila alien

Mila Amelina
Staff Writer

Mila has been writing both opinion based articles as well as hard news for over either years both for Tudor Times as well as other reputable news organizations. Mila specializes in political news and world news. A native of Ukraine, Mila is especially tuned into the current crisis between Russia and Ukraine. In her free time, Mila enjoys spending time with her family and playing with her dog, Bernice.  Follow Mila on Facebook.

“It is the little things that count.”