For 6 minutes, Twitter was a Trump-free zone. It wasn’t long enough.

For six minutes today, the world experienced social media without Donald Trump. And just as we were starting to get into it, to become fully engrossed in the very essence of what made it so good to begin with — the heavy breathing, animal-like noises, and intense feelings of pleasure that only comes from experiencing someone in their rawest form — it was over.

Maybe think about baseball next time, Jack?

After the internet lit its collective cigarettes, but before it managed to get out of bed, the theories started to roll in.

We, of course, don’t know the cause of Trump’s disappearance yet, but have reached out to Twitter for more information.

Update: Now we know. It was human error.

For now, let’s not sweat the details and instead marvel in the fact that, for six glorious minutes, Donald Trump was missing from Twitter. Nothing can take this away from us.

Thanks for the memories, Twitter. We’ll call you.


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