Real Life RoboCop Has His First Shift in Dubai Tomorrow

dubai robocopIf you’ve seen the ’80’s movie, “RoboCop”, I bet you though that premise was much too futuristic to ever come true, right? Well you were wrong. A real life RoboCop actually exists and begins work tomorrow night in Dubai.

After the Gulf Information Security and Expo Conference is finished tomorrow on Tuesday, the robot will begin work. This modern day RoboCop has limited abilities, however. It can speak basic phrases, make hand gestures, and speak multiple languages but that’s about it.  It has a tablet embedded in its chest which civilians can use to “report crimes”, but that won’t help much if there’s a bad guy chasing you with a knife or shooting at you with a gun.

According to Khalid Nasser Al Razouqi of the Dubai Police department, this model robot is not designed to deter crimes, more for just a presence and for reporting of crimes.

Brigadier General Al Razouqi also said that their goal is to have this robot evolve into something much more meaningful and to have more than 25% of their police force become robots by the year 2030.  This may seem like a long ways away but we will get there quicker than you think.

Is our world ready for a police force full of RoboCops?  Like many, I’m not quite sure.

Let us know what you think. Leave a comment below and tell us what you think about this modern day RoboCop.