Roger Stone admits publishing false statements on InfoWars in Guo Wengui lawsuit settlement

A former adviser to President Trump has reportedly settled a $100 million defamation lawsuit by admitting to publishing false information.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the settlement requires that Roger Stone retract on social media defamatory statements made about Chinese businessman Guo Wengui on the conspiracy-theory site InfoWars. Mr. Stone must also run ads in newspapers, the Journal among them, admitting to defamation and apologizing for it.

“I am solely responsible for fulfilling the terms of the settlement,” Mr. Stone told The Journal in a text message that also called his past conduct “irresponsible.”

According to the Journal, Mr. Stone’s following through on the terms will end all claims of monetary damages.

The statements and the lawsuit have nothing to do with Mr. Trump or the Russia-related charges being investigated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. But they do raise questions about Mr. Stone’s truthfulness, which has become an increasingly central focus of Mr. Mueller’s probe in recent months.

Mr. Guo, who has been critical of the Chinese Communist government, filed the lawsuit earlier this year over Mr. Stone’s calling him a “turncoat criminal who is convicted of crimes here and in China.” Mr. Stone also said Mr. Guo made political donations to Hillary Clinton, which would be illegal under U.S. election law.

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